Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Carrots, carrots everywhere

Yesterday was a day dominated by carrots. Carrots! yes, carrots.

We eat quite a few carrots so to cut costs a little and because I was tired of running out of carrots, I now buy the 20kg bag of juicing carrots about every 4 weeks. That's a lot of carrots.

What do I do with all these carrots? The lady at the fruit shop always inquires as I often buy a box of apples and 10kg of onions at the same time. She must think I feed a heap of kids. Maybe she just thinks I'm nuts.

About 3kg goes to a friend. The bottom drawer of the fridge is filled with carrots as they will last for a few weeks in the fridge. 2kg gets grated, packed into containers and frozen. I'll use this to make dog food. 10 cups gets grated and made into carrot cake, a few of the apples also go into the cakes.

Three cakes cooked, ready for the freezer.

That's what I did yesterday morning, grating carrots and making carrot cake. The last batch are in the oven. I now have six beautiful yummy carrot cakes. Four of the cakes are in the freezer. They freeze well and make a great afternoon tea when visitors come over or when we feel like something yummy.

One is in the cake tin for this week's snacks and the other was half demolished by my husband when he came home from work. He loves carrot cake.

One carrot loving rabbit, the other was a bit shy and didn't want his photo taken.

A rabbit's delight.

The pet rabbits are happy as they are munching on carrots peel and carrot ends. The chooks got some of the peel as well.

Not bad for a couple of hours work and $12. Buying carrots in bulk is much cheaper. Buying loose carrots at the moment costs about $2 a kilo, the bulk carrots are $0.60 a kilo. Even if some have to be thrown out I'm still ahead.

The quality of bulk carrots does vary a lot. Some seem to go moldy the day after you buy them, others last weeks. Shop around and find a good supplier. It took a while before I found my favourite fruit shop. The carrots are sweet, not woody and last well.

Now I just need more carrot recipes.



Pam said...

Hi Lynda! Just visiting via Scrub Oak. I am so excited that you feed your dog and rabbit such healthy food. So many take the easy and less healthy or attractive alternative. It has always been a big thing issue with pet care with me. We once had a rabbit, Foo-Foo, exactly the same as yours! They are such entertaining creaturers, and again lovely to see it out of a cage! I must visit again soon, It has been enjoyable reading back through your posts.

Crunchie's Mum said...

Yes Pam we have some very spoilt rabbits. They have a large night cage and about a 4x5 meter run which they access during the day. They are great at keeping the grass down and have even managed to get rid of the blackberry. The rabbit in the photo is Sniffles. We had her sister Snuffles as well but unfortunately Snuffles disappeared a few months ago. Sniffles now lives with Bob the bunny.

Aussiemade said...

Hi I love your idea about the carrots, though we are not massive carrot eaters, I do this with onions, and chop in food processor and freeze them when onions are really cheap.

Just wondering if you have thought of making carrot muffins just a thought. I freeze cakes but as there are only 2 of us I try to freeze them already cut so that we just take out some of it. Other wise I think it would all be eaten in far to quick a Your cakes look fantastic. I really enjoy your blog