Monday, August 10, 2009

A cold Monday

More rain today, its cold, really cold. I don't know why but it feels colder than the thermometer says it is. The fire is alight and I'm all rugged up to keep the cold at bay. Apparently we are in for a wet week. I would like to get out into the garden but won't be complaining about the rain, we really need it.

Sunday we were meant to be going to yet another open day at a university but our son decided he would rather stay home and get some work done so the trip was canceled. What to do with an unexpected free day? My husband and I dusted off our bikes and went for a bike ride on a nearby rail trail. It was a beautiful day and great to get out and pedal away. We are paying the price today though, sore legs and sore backsides. Those bicycle seats are not the most comfortable of things.

Tonight my daughter and I waded through the university handbooks looking for suitable courses for next year. She has to put her course choices in in the next few weeks. We've searched for courses, had a look at different universities and had an information overload. Its a big task trying to determine the best course to get the education to work in a job you will love. We've still got a few uni open days to go to in the coming weeks.

Hopefully by this time next year we will have both kids at university doing courses they love. The other big challenge is finding somewhere for them to live close to the university. I'm sure it will all work out. Our son is settled and happy at a regional university and I'm confident it will work out for our daughter as well.

Having kids leave secondary school and go on to tertiary studies is a time of uncertainty but its pretty exciting too. They grow up over night, we sent a teenager to uni and a young man came home. Its going to be quiet here next year with just my husband and I at home. I guess we will get used to it and there will food in the pantry with out the human vacuum cleaner living at home.



Linda said...

Yesterday I was wearing my jacket inside. It seemed to work because the two times I wore it I took it off eventually when I felt warm.

I have enjoyed my son who graduated living in the university accommodation. Once when he was applying I tried the Monash one but it was hard to work out how to apply for that. La Trobe Bundoora needed references I think, but we did that. The one he ended up in in Canberra at the time was only $110 a week and easy to apply for. I have applied for two for my son who has to fill out his preferences too. I am glad you are keeping track of when that is. Maybe we should go over it again. My son asked if we were going to the Canberra open day at the end of the month. I was thinking of going to the one in Wodonga, La Trobe.

I have read one or two handbooks, it is nice to have them handy.

Crunchie's Mum said...

We had a meeting at school yesterday with the careers teacher and my daughter's preferences are now in. She can change them if she wants to but we won't worry about them until after her exams.

I think she will stay with a family member as uni accommodation is hard to get and much more expensive than Canberra. My son would have had to pay $200 a week at his uni so he found alternative accommodation. We are lucky that we have friends and family close to the universities the kids want to go to who are willing to have them stay with them.


Linda said...

I found that too. I had to take some of the Victorian ones off my list because of price. I found the video for Monash in Gippsland interesting.