Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Cleaning up and books

The clean up has begun. Our daughter has announced that she would rather move at the end of this year rather than next, this is 12 months ahead of our schedule. All of our carefully laid plans are in disarray. We've decided to start preparations and see how we go. I admit the excitement of the move is catching and we are all looking forward to it.

We've been decluttering a bit half heartedly before but now things are a bit more urgent. We will clean up in two stages. Stage One is to get rid of junk and make this home we are living in now neater and tidier ready for sale. Our new home is half the size of this one so Stage Two will be to sell/give away/rehome any furniture we will not be taking with us. Stage Two will be done after the sale of this home.

I have a large pile of almost new, hardcover novels sitting by the door ready to be donated to our local library. I'll take them today. We need to clean up the very untidy bookshelf and get rid of the stacks of books on the floor. And the boxes of books in my wardrobe. That's my challenge for this week.

We will keep our favourites and a good selection of my gardening and craft books but a lot will go. From now on we will be borrowing books from the library rather than purchasing them. Its cheaper and you don't end up with piles of books all over the floor!

The rather messy bookshelf before the clean up


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Linda said...

You are like us, the coming months will see something happen with kids going on to uni, and something worked out with both our houses. It is very confusing, but I figure while we are still doing work about our places, things are moving along. We hope when the weather breaks to go onto painting. I think this weekend is moving dirt and digging perhaps. We have a pile of soil on the lawn.