Wednesday, September 16, 2009

End of an Era

Yesterday I went with my daughter to parent - teacher interviews. There is nothing unusual in that, I've been twice a year for about 14 years. I've rarely missed an interview (there was that incident in primary school where I completely forgot, sorry Mrs Green). What was different about yesterday is it was my last lot of parent-teacher interviews for my children - ever. Our youngest is finishing secondary school this year, in a few short months actually. It is the end of an era.

It seems a little strange not to be doing the normal end of year stuff - paying next year's school fees, receiving a horrendously long book list, helping the kids choose subjects for next year. Its also nice to be moving on. A fresh start, something different. Next year both kids plan to attend university. There won't be any parent - teacher interviews.

It will be a new era for our family but one I'm looking forward to. The kids are growing up, making decisions for themselves, that's what is supposed to happen.

Its a beautiful day here, hopefully I'll be able to get out into the garden. I hope the weather smiles upon you today wherever you are.



Linda said...

Imagine walking out on the last one.

Wow, congratulations on reaching the end.

I tend to not recognise the end of things, need to make clearer destinctions.

Suzan said...

Lynda, got a chuckle out of the gravy post - I keep a colander handy just in case it lumps up on me. I have no idea why it does that sometimes because I seem to make it the same way each time. An exciting time for you!