Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I made gravy! From scratch! No Gravox packet in sight. And it tasted pretty good with no major lumps.

Pretty exciting - well it is for me at least. Although I cook most things from scratch for some reason gravy has eluded me.Its always been easier to grab the packet from the cupboard and mix up a batch of perfect looking gravy full of artificial colours and flavours. A few months ago I decided no more would I take the easy way out. I stopped buying gravy powder. We ran out. My last roast dinner was served up without gravy because I didn't have any gravy powder and didn't know how to make gravy. There were queries from the family "where is the gravy?"

This time I decided to give it a go. The roast lamb was cooked, time to make the gravy. I poured the pan juices into a small saucepan, that was easy. Heated the juices and added an equal amount of flour and stirred to a paste, then added stock and heated until it thickened. Done. Simple. It tasted pretty good but was a much lighter colour than packet gravy.

Another thing I should have done years ago. It wasn't any harder than packet gravy. The steps are pretty much the same except you add gravy powder instead of pan dripping and flour. I'm sure its better for you. Yes, it contains fat from the pan but you don't eat that much of it and there are no artificial ingredients.

From now on we are having real gravy not packet stuff. Next step is to learn to make mayonaise. When the stuff in the fridge and cupboard is used up I won't buy any more. I'll have to learn to make it or do without.



Linda said...

Congratulations. My Nana didn't teach me her roast lamb gravy, I do remember her making it though. Salt may have featured, not sure.

I know the old people used Parisian Essence for the colouring. I wonder if that is natural. It is made by Queen.


Linda said...

It has one colour and one preservative.

Tracy said...

We don't use gravox here. I have some very discerning children who have deemed gravox to be evil. Well....disgusting, at least.

I use gluten free flour and make my gravy in the roasting pan. It always turns out just fine. I just a whisk....because it turns out smoother than when using any other utensil.