Tuesday, September 8, 2009

More Rain

We woke to the sound of rain again today. Its great to see the garden wet. I feel like we haven't accomplished much in the garden but we keep on plugging away at it. Everything is a bit of a mess at the moment. We have had some storm damage so there are tree branches down in various spots and we've had to prune some branches back as they have been damaged when a large branch has fallen. There are prunings from the front hedge in big piles. It all looks a bit of a mess.

When we get a day of fine weather we will clear it up. Actually it will take a bit more than just one day. Anything big enough to be used as firewood will be cut up and stacked and the rest burnt. The piles of blackberry I have been creating will also be burnt. The summer fire season is fast approaching so cleaning up around the house is vital.

This is Amber, one of my garden 'helpers'. She loves the newly mulched garden beds. They must be nice and comfy. She has a knack of sitting right on top of my newly planted plants. I'm slowly getting around to weeding and mulching all the garden beds. It looks so much nicer when they are finished. Hopefully the mulch will keep the weeds down and hold in the moisture so the plants survive the summer. We are on tank water so the garden has to survive on the rain fall and the very occasional bucket of washing machine water.

The irises are flowering. These are as tough as old boots. They grow in sun or shade, need little water and flower for ages. What more could you ask for? I'm planning on taking some of these with me when we move.

It must be spring - the daffodils are flowering. These cheery yellow flowers are growing under the fruit trees. It always feels like the warm weather is just around the corner when the daffs start to flower.

The fruit trees are starting to blossom. This is from my favourite peach tree. It was grown from a seedling and bears masses of fruit every year. The birds and possoms love it too so its a race to see who gets the most fruit. We usually net at least part of the tree as the birds are not that good at sharing.

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