Friday, October 16, 2009

Eggs, eggs, eggs

Our chooks have been laying well, really well. Every time I turn around there seems to be another lovely fresh egg in the laying box. I really appreciate their enthusiasm but I just can't keep up with their production rate. A quick peek in the fridge this morning revealed over 6 dozen eggs!

I've given them away, cooked quite a few (omlette anyone?) and even let the dogs have the odd one as a treat. The chooks are producing faster than I can use them. I'm not complaining, too many is a lot better than none at all. Its Spring and the chooks are doing their spring thing.

I need some new egg recipes. Something that doesn't look too eggy as our son will be home next week and he doesn't like eggs. I have a fritata recipe to try out, it uses 4 eggs - now what to do with the other 70 eggs in the fridge?!



Linda said...

It would be good if us Aussie's knew how to make Angel Food Cake.

How about roulade or zucchini slice?

Egg & bacon pie is always good too.

I think there is a zucchini souffle.

Linda said...

I think if you click under egg on search tips you could sort them out to find something easier.

Toria said...

I'm also drowning in eggs at the moment. I'm going to make up a few loaves of banana bread & stick them in the freezer. Here's a recipe I've used:

(add some walnuts or pecans & increase the cinnamon).

I'm also thinking of a few batches of quiche, but I'm not sure if they freeze. A single quiche can use 8 to 10 eggs.

Pavlova or meringues are good for using up egg whites, if you find a recipe which only wants yolks.

Tricia said...

I'm jealous - i'm buying eggs at the moment :-(

When I used to have eggs to spare I would make baked custard. I cannot imagine your son not liking custard :-)

Crunchie's Mum said...

I've been on a bit of an egg cooking spree and managed to tame the egg pile a little, now there are 4 dozen eggs in the fridge. I'e made quiche (no it doesn't freeze very well), frittata and today I'm hoping to make lamingtons (6 eggs). They are far too precious to waste so I've got to keep finding ways of using them. All this from just 6 hens, one of which must be at least 8 years old and 3 others who must be 4 years old.