Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Garden up date

Another wet day today, good for the water tanks but not so good to get all the work done outside. Maybe the sun will poke its face through the clouds later in the day so some action can happen outside. The garden is starting to come together. I've completed lots of jobs we have had on the 'gunna do' list, you know stuff that you are 'going to do one one day'. For us 'one day' always seems to be just before we sell a house. The next owners get the benefit of our hard work. Never mind, I like to leave a property a little better off than we first found it.

The vegie garden has been ignored which is a bit sad but lots of work has happened in the general cleaning up category and weeding and mulching. Old bricks have been used as garden edging, this makes the garden look better and cleans up the piles of old bricks.

Quite a bit of bush fire preparation work has happened as well but there is still more to do. Its a never ending job. There is one more major area of blackberry to clear and then we are pretty much blackberry free.

If the rain keeps up we will work on the kitchen. Things have come to a standstill there and we really need to get it finished.

Have a great day,


Linda said...

You did a great job with the brick pile.

belinda said...

It always seems to be the case that the projects that you put off for years get done just before you put a house up for sale.

Good Luck with it all
Kind Regards