Friday, October 2, 2009

Settlement Day

Today is settlement day. At noon today, all going well, we will own our new home. Finally. It seems to have taken a while. In some ways it is a bit on a non event as we are not moving today. The house is leased to tenants and we will remain here until next year. The bank will do its stuff, we will have a home loan again (sigh) and that's it. And we will become landlords for the first time ever.

Normally when we purchase a new home there is much excitement as we are selling our old home and moving into the new. This time there is a time delay before moving day. We need to give our children time to finish school and then move. I'll have to be patient, something I'm not terribly good at.

Last week we had visitors, the inlaws came to stay, so I was inspired to make deserts. Deserts are reasonably rare in our home. Inspired by a glut of eggs and lemons I made lemon meringue pie. It was surprisingly easy to make and tasted yum. It looks pretty impressive too so it will definitely go on the make again list.

There are some bananas that need using in the kitchen, I can smell them everytime I walk in the door. They will be become a lovely hummingbird cake today. At least that is the plan.



Tracy said...

I hope your experience as landlords is a positive one.

Friends of ours are moving into their 'new' home early, because the tenant that was there when they settled moved out early. It's a good thing, really.

Linda said...


Will you be able to visit or are they moving in straight away? Visiting is exciting too.

belinda said...


More time to plan before you move. By the time you get in that new garden plan should be immaculate.

Kind Regards