Monday, November 2, 2009

Kitchen renovation - almost there

I've been a bit slack about posting lately but on a positive front, things have been progressing around the house. The kitchen is finished!!! Sort of. The bench tops are back, the cupboards have been relined and painted, shelves have been made and painted and most of the kitchen paraphernalia is back in the cupboards. It looks good and we are happy with the result. I would post some photos but my son has 'borrowed' the battery out of my camera.

Its bliss to work in a kitchen where there is now space and running water. The plumbing had to be redone so there were a couple of days where the water was off for quite a while. Everything works now but there are still a few small jobs to do. I'm still sorting through the stuff from the cupboards. Everything needs to be washed and put away. Thats a lot of dishes to do. Anything I don't use regularly, is cracked or missing a lid is being thrown out. There is no point in keeping stuff you don't use.

We keep asking ourselves "why didn't we do this years ago?". The renovation hasn't cost much (less than $500) and has made a huge difference to both the looks and the workability (is that a word) of the kitchen. We seem to put up with stuff for years but when we decide to sell we fix it for someone else.

The garden is almost there as well. We've cleaned up rubbish piles, put edging around gardens and pulled out huge amounts of blackberry. Some garden beds have been weeded and mulched but a few still need doing. The garden is finally looking good and we are selling the house. It always seems to work that way, we get a place established the way we like it and then move on. The new house doesn't have a garden. There a few succulents planted along one side of the house and a couple of bushes by the front door and that is it. It will be a challenge to get a garden started.

I'll post some photos when the camera battery is returned. I had better go and do the dishes so the kitchen looks good for its photos.

Have a great day,

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Linda said...

That is fantastic, well done! I'll love to see the photos.

The garden sounds like a good challenge. Though I know what you mean. I had a look at our newer house on google maps by accident the other day, and our extra block is much more filled out than when the photo was taken for google 2 years ago January ish. The garden bed my husband is making now is like rock underneath, but comes up good when turned over and the soils mixed a bit. We had some plants to move, the lady had the other block well planted out though there isn't actually a fence dividing them. At the moment we are planting out those punnet lavenders. The first garden bed we did over that side was so small, and things didn't do well until we put in the watering system and got the whole thing dug properly. But it was a start and is bigger and very lush now. Tubes from ebay have helped too.