Thursday, January 28, 2010

New beginings

We are off bright and early today to enroll my daughter at university. Wow, how did she grow up so very quickly. Both kids will be at uni this year and both living away from home. It certainly will be quieter at home. I'm not sure if that is good or bad. I guess we will all get used to it.

So a year of new beginnings for us all. A new job for me, a new home for us all, a new school for my daughter and a new life away from home. I wonder how it will all turn out? Time will tell.

I had better go and get ready, we have a long day ahead of us. Its about a two hour drive to the university, you can see why she will be living away from home!

Have a great day,

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sometimes you have days like these

Sometimes things don't go well, it can be a little overwhelming. Ok, it can be down right discouraging but you can usually work through it. It helps to have a little help though.

On Monday, around lunch time, my mother rang and innocently asked how things were going. Not good was my reply, we had a water leak and had lost over 20 000 litres of water. We didn't know where the leak was so while we dug around and investigated we had shut the water off. No showers for us, it wasn't pleasant. Our water was ending up in the neighbour's driveway. While chatting with them we discovered that our tree had lost a branch over night and flattened their brand new clothes line. Oh dear. And the dogs took advantage of our distracted state and had run off into the bush land behind the house AND the wheel fell off the wheel barrow. It wasn't looking good.

Happily the dogs came back, wet and dirty and very pleased with themselves, the neighbours took pity on us and cleaned up the fallen branch, after a lot of digging we found the leak and it only took 10 minutes to fix the wheel barrow.

Things are looking up.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"Australia" the movie

Last night we settled down as a family to watch the movie "Australia". It wasn't quite what we expected. If people from overseas watched that and thought that was what Australia was like (yes, I know it was set in the 1940s) they will be sadly mistaken.

Why did they make the movie like that!!! It was almost a comedy in places. The characters were so over the top they were laughable. Words fail me. They took a very serious subject - the stolen generation, and made it seem fanciful.

I can't even say the scenery was beautiful because so much of it was obviously fake, computer generated or something. It was also long, nearly three hours, and really didn't need to be. Four of us started watching it and only two made it to the end. I was disappointed, maybe I'm missing something. Maybe it was a great work of art that I'm too uneducated to appreciate. Its a mystery to me.


Saturday, January 23, 2010


Congratulations to our DD. She has been accepted into the university place she applied for. Its nice to know she got it after weeks of uncertainty. We were pretty confident she would get in but until you see the offer in black and white you can't be certain.

She has to go next week and either accept the placement or defer for 12 months. She is seriously considering deferring. She is considering working for a year to get some money behind her and a bit more maturity. She is only 17 and most of the kids starting uni are 18 or 19. We shall see what she decides. Either way it needs to be her decision not mine.

Congratulations to our DS as well. He passed an interview last week and has been accepted into the Army Reserves. He has wanted to do this for some time. He wants to go overseas and help with emergency relief work. It will be awhile before he gets to do anything like that as he has to complete his training first.

Its amazing how quickly life changes, in 2008 both kids were still at secondary school, we had no intention of moving and life was continuing as normal. Now at the beginning of 2010 we have a new home, are selling our old home, both kids have uni placements and won't be living full time at home and both my husband and I have new jobs. Wow, that's a lot of changes.

I tell myself that life is meant to be like that. If you do your job as a parent well then your kids are meant to grow up and leave home and begin lives for themselves. Its exciting but also a bit sad - I'm going to miss them.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

A bit of a clean out

The heat of the past week has broken, today is a nice sunny day. Its good to have the energy to get back into decluttering. I decided to 'bite the bullet' and start on my wardrobe. Its been on the to do list for quite some time but I've carefully avoided it. Its a large walk in robe packed to the rafters with stuff. If we couldn't find a home for stuff elsewhere it went into the wardrobe. There is a lot of junk in there.

Our new home doesn't have built in robes. Its a bit of a shock to the system. Where are we going to hide all our junk? Last weekend we bought two matching robes off Ebay (what ever did we do before Ebay?). They are solid timber and look great. These will be my DH and my wardrobes. Now the problem - how do we fit everything in? Currently we have about 5 meters of hanging space and the new robes are 1 meter wide each. See the problem? Not to mention all the stuff on the floor and the shelves.

The clean up began. Long lost stuff began reappearing. The bed got covered in stuff to be sorted. The op shop pile grew, and grew and grew. There were clothes I hadn't worn in years, stuff that didn't fit and some I just didn't like. Out it all went. Why do we keep all this stuff? There is a theory that says no matter how much storage space you have, your stuff will expand to fill it. I can believe it.

The ward robe looks a lot neater and nicer now but more will have to go. Today's effort is stage one. I haven't really begun on the shelves. I'll save them for another day.


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Back Again

I've been absent from this blog for awhile. Time just flew by and its been quite a few weeks since my last post, I've had good intentions but they didn't come to anything. We've been busy getting our home ready for sale and moving some things to our new home. Of course Christmas has taken up some time as well.

We've cleaned and tidied our home ready for sale. We've pulled out blackberry from the garden, mowed the lawn and removed the junk from the garden. It looks too good to sell. The kitchen is finished and looks much better than before. We still have the office to clean up. Its full to the brim and really needs a spring clean. The problem is most of the stuff is my husband's and he is struggling to find the time to sort through the mess. There is also the problem that he doesn't consider it to be mess. To him its all things he 'might want some day'. To me its mess.

A few things have been moved to our new home but as we are still living in our old home most of our furniture is still here. The new house is less than half the size of the old house so lots of stuff needs to find a new home. Its going to be a massive job. My DD has started the clean up on her room and has sold a few items on Ebay (how did we ever survive without Ebay?!)She has been pleasantly surprised about how much her 'junk' has sold for. I think she has made about $500 so far.

Another hot day is forecast for tomorrow, 43C. Lets hope it doesn't make it to that and we all have a safe day. I'm off to walk the dogs now the heat of the day has passed. They don't enjoy the heat and nor do I.