Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"Australia" the movie

Last night we settled down as a family to watch the movie "Australia". It wasn't quite what we expected. If people from overseas watched that and thought that was what Australia was like (yes, I know it was set in the 1940s) they will be sadly mistaken.

Why did they make the movie like that!!! It was almost a comedy in places. The characters were so over the top they were laughable. Words fail me. They took a very serious subject - the stolen generation, and made it seem fanciful.

I can't even say the scenery was beautiful because so much of it was obviously fake, computer generated or something. It was also long, nearly three hours, and really didn't need to be. Four of us started watching it and only two made it to the end. I was disappointed, maybe I'm missing something. Maybe it was a great work of art that I'm too uneducated to appreciate. Its a mystery to me.


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Linda said...

I am not a big movie watcher. My daughter's friend gave us the movie to watch, because I think I did want to see that one.

I wonder if I wrote anything after I saw it.