Saturday, January 23, 2010


Congratulations to our DD. She has been accepted into the university place she applied for. Its nice to know she got it after weeks of uncertainty. We were pretty confident she would get in but until you see the offer in black and white you can't be certain.

She has to go next week and either accept the placement or defer for 12 months. She is seriously considering deferring. She is considering working for a year to get some money behind her and a bit more maturity. She is only 17 and most of the kids starting uni are 18 or 19. We shall see what she decides. Either way it needs to be her decision not mine.

Congratulations to our DS as well. He passed an interview last week and has been accepted into the Army Reserves. He has wanted to do this for some time. He wants to go overseas and help with emergency relief work. It will be awhile before he gets to do anything like that as he has to complete his training first.

Its amazing how quickly life changes, in 2008 both kids were still at secondary school, we had no intention of moving and life was continuing as normal. Now at the beginning of 2010 we have a new home, are selling our old home, both kids have uni placements and won't be living full time at home and both my husband and I have new jobs. Wow, that's a lot of changes.

I tell myself that life is meant to be like that. If you do your job as a parent well then your kids are meant to grow up and leave home and begin lives for themselves. Its exciting but also a bit sad - I'm going to miss them.


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Linda said...

Yes, I need to keep saying it too.

I have been wondering how your daughter was going. Thanks for the update.

My son, the eldest, was not quite 18, well a few months short when he started uni.