Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sometimes you have days like these

Sometimes things don't go well, it can be a little overwhelming. Ok, it can be down right discouraging but you can usually work through it. It helps to have a little help though.

On Monday, around lunch time, my mother rang and innocently asked how things were going. Not good was my reply, we had a water leak and had lost over 20 000 litres of water. We didn't know where the leak was so while we dug around and investigated we had shut the water off. No showers for us, it wasn't pleasant. Our water was ending up in the neighbour's driveway. While chatting with them we discovered that our tree had lost a branch over night and flattened their brand new clothes line. Oh dear. And the dogs took advantage of our distracted state and had run off into the bush land behind the house AND the wheel fell off the wheel barrow. It wasn't looking good.

Happily the dogs came back, wet and dirty and very pleased with themselves, the neighbours took pity on us and cleaned up the fallen branch, after a lot of digging we found the leak and it only took 10 minutes to fix the wheel barrow.

Things are looking up.


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belinda said...

Yeah, some days are like that. Luckily most days are just normal.

Kind Regards