Sunday, March 14, 2010

The packing begins

We've started packing. Its an absolutely huge job that I really am not looking forward to. We are moving our home of twelve years and our business. Thats a lot of stuff.

We've moved a few times before but this time I am determined we will not be taking clutter with us. Everything is being sorted before it gets packed - is it junk? do we really need it? where will it fit in the new place? The new house is less than half the size of the old so a lot of stuff needs to go. We've been giving stuff away for weeks.We seem to accumulate so much stuff over the years.

Two truck loads have already been packed and gone to the new house but there is still plenty left here. We haven't really even started on packing the business.

I hope to get to the new house on Friday and start the unpacking. Then I'll bring the boxes back and repack them for the next load.There is lots to do.

Better get back to it, there are lots of bugs to vacuum up that have made their home under bookcases and things.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rain, a most welcome sight

Its bee raining which is wonderful. Our water tank was down to about a quarter of a tank, largely because we had a leak in a pipe a few weeks ago, and now is nicely filling. The past few days have been wet and we have heard the welcome sound of the bottom water tank overflowing. This has been pumped up to the main tank. It feels so much better knowing we won't run out of water for awhile.

Other good news is that our house is sold. We move at the end of April. I'm glad we can have mess again instead of having to keep the house spotless for inspections. We spent a few hours yesterday cleaning up the mess in the garden, getting ready to move. We have piles of stuff everywhere, pavers, bricks, sleepers, fire wood and roof tiles. Its a reasonably large property so we have tended to make piles all over the place. Now we have to clean them up!

We have had some storm damage to clean up as well, a few branches have come down. Its more free firewood which is great but we don't really have the time to be cleaning up branches at the moment. I'm sure it will all come together.

I'm settling into my new job. I'm slowly getting to know everyone and feel I am making a positive contribution instead of getting in everyone's way. It will be much better when we make our move as the travel is very tiring at the moment. We are traveling 80mins one way each day.

Today is an at home day for me so I had better get myself organized and do some of the jobs which have been piling up.The plan is to clean up my desk today. I have a feeling there are a lot of unpaid bills floating in the mess. Not a good thing.

Enjoy your day,