Sunday, March 14, 2010

The packing begins

We've started packing. Its an absolutely huge job that I really am not looking forward to. We are moving our home of twelve years and our business. Thats a lot of stuff.

We've moved a few times before but this time I am determined we will not be taking clutter with us. Everything is being sorted before it gets packed - is it junk? do we really need it? where will it fit in the new place? The new house is less than half the size of the old so a lot of stuff needs to go. We've been giving stuff away for weeks.We seem to accumulate so much stuff over the years.

Two truck loads have already been packed and gone to the new house but there is still plenty left here. We haven't really even started on packing the business.

I hope to get to the new house on Friday and start the unpacking. Then I'll bring the boxes back and repack them for the next load.There is lots to do.

Better get back to it, there are lots of bugs to vacuum up that have made their home under bookcases and things.



belinda said...

Best Wishes for your packing..

I know I really don't realise how much stuff we had until I needed to try and put it all in boxes. I know every time I have packed up a house I become very choosy about what is actually going to get used and much finds a new home.

Kind Regards

Tracy said...

I hope your move goes nice and smoothly and that your planned timing works the way you intend it to.

I think if I had to move from where we are now I'd be in fear of what's under our house. Stuff that was moved in and put down there because we didn't need it in a hurry.

We've toyed with the idea of moving into the Caretakers House at school if it came available again and renting our house out. It would be great, financially....but I'd have to move again. Not such a fun idea when the thought is encased in those terms!

Crunchie's Mum said...

thankfully we don't have storage under the house and I glare at my husband every time he suggests putting stuff in the roof. I figure if you can put it in the roof because you don't use it then you don't really need it. Our new place has neither roof storage nor under floor storage. We have solved the problem by buying a shed each. We can each store what ever we want in our shed without the other falling over our junk. Mine will be full on gardening bits and pieces and lead lighting stuff. His will be full of computer bits and smelly old engine bits.

Thanks for the kind thoughts Belinda. The boxes are starting to pile up and a lot of stuff is going. It probably does you good to move occasionally and have a good clean out.


Linda said...

Sounds like you are well organised. All the best.

Kate said...

Oh you poor thing!
Just the other day I said how much I would love to move out of this house because I can't stand all the clutter we have accumulated, but the truth is I'd have to leave most of it behind because I don't think I could face packing it all up. I hope it goes quickly and easily for you and that you are settled in before you know it.

The Old Dairy said...

Hope all is going well in the new house....I bet your still tring to get organized, how is the vege garden going, did you get a start on it? Looking forward to seeing pics..

Farmer Liz said...

wow that sounds like a big job! I look forward to reading about your new place. Thanks for your comment on my blog.